…and somewhere to go!

The Parliament Arts Organization organizes an annual “Decked Out” event, a collaborative art exhibit/fundraiser showcasing Central Pennsylvania Artists in the name of banding local artist communities together. Artists from York, Harrisburg and Lancaster come together to display 150+ hand-painted, collaged, and manipulated skate decks that will be auctioned off. All proceeds benefit The Parliament Arts Organization, the participating artists and Reid Menzer Skatepark.

so this year i participated.

The first thing I did was create a design on my computer in adobe illustrator.  I had an idea for a tessellation using a bird silhouette that may not be recognizable without making one of the birds a contrasting color. I decided on a charcoal gray background with black birds and one highlighted in magenta. I taped off the top of the deck and spray painted the background on the bottom.

I printed out the design and made a stencil of the bird using clear polyester film. One by one I hand painted the birds onto the deck using my stencil and acrylic paint. Then I sprayed the deck with a clear matte finish to seal it. Fishing line was used to hang the deck for the event.

In 2017, the event was held on November 10th at the bond — 134 East King Street, York, Pennsylvania — in the heart of the royal square art district. [ ]  Hundreds of attendees enjoyed music, food trucks, and beer tastings while bidding on decks of any style imaginable.

the bond decked out
my decked out board hanging

looking for a custom deck?